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If you feel like you have an idea of your design plan but may need a little help and guidance on certain aspects of the design or just need some confidence that your selections work well together before pulling the trigger, this is the perfect service for you!  We will talk through any and all design related questions and offer insight and suggestions to ensure your design is cohesive and moving in the right direction!  This can be done in-home or virtually!



A 2 hour in-home or virtual consultation to view home/space and current design concept or selections.  Will talk through any design questions that could include paint/material selections, overall design direction, renovation options/recommendations, etc.

Follow Up talking points

A follow up email will be provided with any talking points we discussed during consultation.  This may include links for products/ideas we discussed during consultation or any recommendations made during this meeting.

Let's Do this!

Book your Discovery Call to get the process started!

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