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Hythe Living Room

These homeowners wanted a room that would not only support entertaining friends for game nights but also every day living and frequent movie nights at home.  As other portions of the home have been updated or are in process, they wanted to maintain the contemporary feel being implemented throughout the rest of the house.  

This front room of the house struggled with lighting at night with no ceiling lights.  The homeowners were a little hesitant when we recommended to paint all the walls a bold charcoal gray.  However, with light and bright furnishings, artwork, window treatments and new doors, the room feels brighter than before!  

Custom chevron sliding doors paired with blackout curtains allows the homeowners to create a dark movie room at any time of the day.  The one-of-a-kind teak coffee table with its natural knots and organic form provides warmth, dimension, and color to the space.  A custom designed and built wall-mounted media console gives game and movie storage, while the baskets and poufs below allow for flexibility in additional seating and storage.  

The addition of floor lamps throughout the space and light furnishings + details throughout the space provides ample light in evenings.  The oversized sectional gives a place to lounge for lazy Sundays with their 2 giant pups!  This space can accommodate 10+ people for game nights and entertaining!


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