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Motor City Designworks Home Office

The home of Motor City Designworks and where the creativity happens!  This home office was transformed from a dingy guest bedroom into a truly bold + moody space layered with textures, warmth, and custom finishes.  As part of a One Room Challenge project, I did all of the work on this one myself!

This home office started as a guest bedroom that felt so dark, dreary, and uninviting.  But a whole lot of punch was packed into this small room when it was transformed into a bold + moody home office space.  Painting the room black actually made it feel so much brighter than it did before!  I added a 2 wall feature corner with vertical slats paired with a truly one of a kind, natural wood chevron slat corner!


With added lighting, light flooring and furnishings, and custom furniture, this space feels so much brighter before and has so much character and functionality packed into a small footprint.  Storage was added everywhere in this room including an entire wall of storage and the closet reconfigured to double the storage space!  You can see the entire transformation process on the blog ending with the Final Reveal!


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