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N Lakecrest Home Office

This St. Clair Shores house got a huge update when the front room was turned into a moody, industrial oasis for this Aerospace Executive's home office.  A brick wall backdrop creates the perfect cigar-lounge feel paired with woods, distressed leather, and metals.

This front room was dark and lacking energy and style.  By adding a brick wall to one side of the room and pairing with a deep bronze paint, it actually felt much brighter.  New light wood look luxury vinyl helped lighten up the space.  


To continue the industrial, lounge feel, a variety of textures and materials were added throughout the space.  Distressed bull leather gives the reading corner an inviting feel while the riveted metal desk brings a little hint of the client's aerospace background in his home office.  Wood throughout warm up the room to create an energetic place to conduct daily business.


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