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Shiawassee Laundry

This home built in 1919 had a small awkward space off the kitchen with an attached half bath that likely was the original eat-in dining area.  We gave this space a repurposed function as the main floor laundry room making it a much more functional and utilized space for the homeowners.

Shiawassee Laundry 2.png
Shiawassee Laundry 1.png
Shiawassee Laundry Sink.png

Our favorite thing to do in a home is to be able to repurpose old elements of the house and make them something amazing that keeps or adds character back into the house and keeps things out of the ever-growing landfills. The homeowners removed the dilapidated picket fence surrounding the house. We saw the pile of pickets ready to go into the dumpster and rescued them to make an amazing, one-of-a-kind wood plank wainscoting. This turned this boring space into a conversation starter since it can been seen directly off of the kitchen!


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