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Welcome to the Motor City Designworks Blog

Hi there! I'm so happy you're here! I am super excited to kick off this blog where you can come for great info such as design tips, DIY project ideas, and tutorials. This is also where I will share updates on any design projects we are working on at Motor City Designworks. For a few select projects, I will even take you through the entire renovation journey from start to finish!

I know a lot of you out there do some or many of your own projects on your own home, whether it is because you enjoy to do the work or want to get more bang for your buck in your renovation. So I want this blog to be helpful from both the interior design perspective and the DIY/home renovation perspective!

I truly enjoy DIY and renovations just as much as I enjoy interior design itself, and I love to try out projects of all kinds. I will share these projects, what worked and what didn't, and what I wished I knew before I started, so you all can learn from my own DIY successes and mistakes along the way! I also love helping others with their projects if it is something I have done before and have the knowledge to share!

As you get to know me throughout this blog, you will learn that I'm a jeans and a hoodie, hair in a ponytail, no make up on, kind of girl when it comes to doing renovations. I like to get down to business and get my hands dirty when learning and trying new things. I have tried so many different projects; tiling, drywalling, laying new flooring, and refinishing hardwood flooring. I have roofed a house, added a giant covered porch, installed a deck, new siding, and designed and built a fence. I have insulated rooms, installed trim, made my own countertops (twice!), made doors, made light fixtures, and have even started building some of my own furniture... just to name a few!

I have been extremely blessed to have parents that set a fantastic example for me growing up that blood, sweat, and tears (and a little bit of swearing) can help you achieve an amazing home while saving so much money by doing some or all yourself!

None of my family lives up here in Michigan but thankfully, both of my parents come to visit frequently. And luckily they put up with me putting them to work on whatever current project I am working on. My dad is really handy with construction projects and has also joined me in trying our hand at furniture and carpentry. My mom is a fantastic painter and I have been known to save all the cutting in for her!

My fiancé also helps with several projects (although he would probably rather be doing anything else) and is extremely detailed oriented which is really helpful on turning my ideas into reality. He is an engineer, and believe me, he wants to engineer (or over-engineer) everything. I'm more of a get stuff done kind of person. So it can be the source of many renovation arguments as I'm sure many of you all have experienced as well. House projects seem to bring that out in couples! But he helps make sure we have thought of every detail and I make sure that the project keeps moving along so we balance on another out well... most of the time.

I hope you all will find this blog helpful in not only creating amazing spaces in your home but also to help you tackle projects that will result in sweat equity in your home! Check back frequently for new blog posts!! Happy designing + DIYing!


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