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Kitchen Mini Reno - 8 Week Update

Fall One Room Challenge - Week 8

Week 8 Update

Well folks, 8 weeks is up. And while I would love to tell you I pulled out a miracle and finished everything… I did not. A lot of life happened over the course of the last 8 weeks - honestly more than I could ever imagined. And if you have been following along… you know that the renovation portion has also not gone according to plan! The cabinets took 2.5 weeks to spray instead of 1, the countertops took 3 weeks instead of 1. But, this is all part of DIY, especially when you are trying something new. And the majority of this renovation was doing something new for me. So I am really ok that I didn’t finish (I’m pretty sure Jeremy is not ok since I promised him it would be done before Christmas decorations go up). But I will keep plugging away at it!!

If this is the first post you have checked out, please check out Weeks 1-7 here so you can see the journey so far! And after you finish reading here, please head over to the One Room Challenge Blog to check out all of the amazing projects. A lot of people DID finish in 8 weeks and the Final Reveals are totally STUNNING!

Here is how the kitchen started when I moved in 5 years ago:

Here is what the kitchen looked like when we started 8 weeks ago. We had done a quick mini update several years ago when we thought we would be moving away within a few years but since we decided to stay, we wanted to improve on the mini update.

Here is what I have accomplished so far:

- Added plumbing for new coffee bar

- Installed 12’ long wall of unfinished cabinets

- Sprayed all cabinet doors, Navy for island and coffee bar and White for rest of kitchen

- Primed and painted all cabinet bases by hand

- Cut down butcher block to size for coffee bar

- Join pieces of butcher block to create custom sized pieces for island (will double the seating for the island)

- Cut the hole for the undermount bar sink

- Sanded and sealed butcher block

- Fixed ceiling drywall and painted

- Added baseboard and Toe Kick

What is left:

- Bust out the Island Granite Countertops

- Install all of the Butcher Block Countertops

- Install Undermount Sink

- Hook up both faucets

- Move electrical for Coffee Bar

- Add Sconces for Coffee Bar

- Replace current backsplash and add it to coffee bar wall

- Remove upper cabinets around Sink

- Install Floating shelves

- Paint Walls

- Install door and window casing

I know, that seems like a lot… but the good news is that everything that is still left of my list is all things I know how to do!! So hopefully I won’t have the delays I did early on in this project! Stay tuned to see this kitchen get wrapped up!

Happy designing + DIYing!


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