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Home Office Transformation - The Final Reveal

One Room Challenge - Week 8

Finally... Week 8! The last week of this grueling One Room Challenge! When I started this thing, I thought... 8 weeks?!?! A ton of time!! Boy was I wrong! 8 weeks is nothing to complete a room from top to bottom. But I. AM. FINISHED. And dang does it feel good. I'm one of those people that takes my personal home projects to about 95% and struggle to push them all the way through the end with art and decor and all the things.

Well, this is my first One Room Challenge and it pushed me to get it done! And I'm so freaking in love with this space! Not only was the ORC fulfilling to get this project done from start to finish, but the camaraderie and support from all of the other participants really gave me so much inspiration and fire to keep going on this project. There are SO MANY amazing projects happening with this challenge, it is seriously insane how much talent and driven that is out there! Please check out the other participants on the One Room Challenge Blog here! Everyone's final reveal happening this week! Also, if you haven't already, please check out Weeks 1-7 to see my journey to getting this space from start to finish!

Just a reminder how it started. It was a dark and dreary guest bedroom. It is a small space that my fiancé had previously painted "Harbaugh Khaki Pants" as the paint color came to be known. It just felt SO DARK all of the time, even with the 70's mirrored closet doors! I hated this room so much, I was embarrassed for guests to stay with us because I had to put them in this depressing space! I never even bothered to put art or anything on the walls.

You can see how tight the floorplan was when the space was a guest bedroom. There was really just enough room for the queen sized bed and dresser squeezed in.

So now for the after. Even though the old space felt so dark, I felt that black was the perfect color to paint the walls! You read that right, I painted the walls black! But it feels so much brighter than it did before which is just crazy! I strategically added natural wood, many light textures, and a lot of white matted artwork to really balance out the black! And wow did it make a difference!

I also fit a ton of stuff into this super small room! I added an insane amount of storage with 2 bookcases and a dresser for storage. I fit a desk and a sitting area! Check out the after floorplan below!

So here are all of the things that I did over the course of this 8 week challenge -

- design concept and space planning (I wouldn't be a designer if I didn't start here)!

- demo of carpet, closet doors, fan, trim

- fixing all of the damaged drywall and sagging ceiling

- added 2 recessed lights and replaced fan with chandelier

- new luxury vinyl flooring throughout

- new door/window casing and baseboards throughout

- paint, paint, paint, and then painted some more

- new bypass sliding closet doors

- added 2-wall slat feature walls

- furniture makeovers to add a lot of flair to a run of the mill wood dresser and 2 boring bookcases

- 100% furniture and decor sourcing

- all artwork for gallery wall designed, created, and/or photographed by me

And really so many more little things here and there that added up to 8 weeks of hard work! But, now that it is done, it was all so worth it! I am so freaking excited to get to call this my home office and the home of Motor City Designworks! I would love to know what you think about this space and all of the hard work that went into it! Thank you for all of the support along the way!

Happy DIYing and Designing,


Please check out Weeks 1-7 of my One Room Challenge here:

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Jamala Kim Wallace
Jamala Kim Wallace
Jun 12, 2022

what a remarkable transformation!! I absolutely love the wall treatments and painting it black gave the entire room a swanky vibe! congrats on a wonderful makeover

Oct 05, 2022
Replying to

Missed this message back when you posted but thank you so much for reading and for the love🖤! It was definitely a big difference from start to finish! I am very much still enjoying this office!!

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