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How to Add Storage to Your Small Bathroom with Style

Interior Design Tips

Adding Stylish Storage - Detroit Interior Design

Do you have a small bathroom in your home that is used daily like I do and like the majority of my clients do? Lets be real, most of us don't have 5000 sq ft homes with more bathrooms than people. Most of us have only one or a few bathrooms that are shared by more than one person and most of the time these bathrooms are not ginormous. So storage is a huge priority for your bathroom! There is a way to add storage to your bathroom while maintaining a stylish look.

01 shelving

Adding Stylish Storage - Detroit Interior Design

If you have the extra wall space to add some shelving, this can be a great way to not only add some extra storage locations but also to add som style and character to your bathroom. If you have browsed through my designs, you know that I love to add a little character to spaces. Shelving allows you to style them with decor but also use some of this space for nice looking items that you otherwise would need to store somewhere. You probably have spare towels so this is a great spot to fold them up nicely and store while you are not using. If you have items that you frequently use like bath salts, bath bombs, etc that can be stored in a pretty glass container, these can fit in perfectly on these shelves! I very much like this solution more than those ugly above the toilet cabinets!! However, if you don't have the wall space for shelves, this isn't something to force so make sure that the space is there before you attach these to your freshly painted walls!

02 Glass Containers

Adding Stylish Storage - Detroit Interior Design

Find some pretty glass canisters or containers, preferably with tops that you can store some of your daily toiletries in. A lot of these items actually look really nice when displayed in glass containers - think white cotton balls, Q-Tips, cotton pads, soap bars, etc. Don't go overboard with containers, 3 is the max you should have out and only if there is space on your countertop. I like to keep nothing else on my counter besides these canisters and hand soap (and a candle if I have company over). If your vanity is so small that you really don't have any excess counter space, this one may not work for you.

03 shower basket

Adding Stylish Storage - Detroit Interior Design

Many showers either have nowhere to put your shower stuff besides on the floor or ledge of tub/shower combo or if it does have a niche, it is typically undersized for more than one person's items. Because, in all reality, if more than one person is using a bathroom, it is highly unlikely they use the same shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. If you have a spot to put one, using a pretty wood basket allows you to consolidate shower products in one clean and organized spot. Please ensure you get a basket made to get wet - usually this would be made of teak.

04 Toilet Paper Basket

Adding Stylish Storage - Detroit Interior Design

There's nothing worse than running out of toilet paper. A cute little basket on the back of your toilet will make sure that is much less likely of happening and keeps it within reach. This is so much better of an option then some things I have seen to "dress up" a toilet. Carpet, doilies, or knick knacks do not below on any part of your toilet. We all have one, so no need to try to dress it up. A simple basket does the trick and adds much needed storage!

05 Don't Go Overboard

Adding Stylish Storage - Detroit Interior Design

Like anything, there can be too much of a good thing. Adding storage does not mean to overload your bathroom with stuff everywhere. Clutter takes away from a beautiful and clean design. Walk through your space and identify areas that you may have space to add storage items out in the open. Try to put away things that don't fit in a designated spot. Use baskets inside your cabinet to organize items you use daily such as face wash and your toothpaste/toothbrush to keep them easy to get to but out of sight. But bottom line, if things are looking cluttered, don't add things! Keep it simple!

Let me know how it goes adding storage to your bathroom!

Happy designing + DIYing!


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